HTML5 Offline App issues

Discussion created by grantscarroll on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2012 by tmcw
Hi All

I have created an HTML5 application for online and offline editng of data. It works pretty well until I have taken the final step and applied an application manifest to cache the files i need to run offline. Obvisouly one of these is the ESRI Api, however when I refresh the page after the initial load of the page i get the following error. "Could not load cross-domain resources: dojox.gfx.svg esri.nls.sjapi.... etc".

What have I missed, I'm thinking the api makes calls to Dojo to load in some resources and as a result its trying to load these but can't ?? However I am still online when I do the refresh, and the browser is pulling everything from the cache. Any advice would be most appreciated.