VBA object model / do I need to write code? (sorry for the cross post)

Discussion created by skiesnpies on May 3, 2010
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Firstly, sorry for the cross post, I posted in the ARCdesktop initially then realised there was a dedicated dev. forum. ....

I am fairly new to ARC GIS , I am an exerienced programmer (happy with VB but obviously I don't know the object model at all).
I am wondering if I need to write some code to do what I want to do, or if that would be too much to ask in my timescales (I have < 1 week), or in fact if I actually need to write code?

My issue is this.

I have a table which is a nice bunch of polygons making a chloropleth map, this I am happy with - in fact I am utterly proud of it . On top of this, I want to add other layers , perhaps rasters and maybe some other polygon data.

Ideally, what I would then like to do is create a second chloropleth which is effectively a summary of the layers, so if layer 1 is red, layer 2 is red, layer three is red, then my new layer should be red. But if only some layers are red, then my new layer is orange. If no layers are red, then my new layer is green. You get the idea? The project is something along the lines of identifying if a square km of area is near a road, or near some trees or near some other specific feature. The raster will have picked out this data using ENVI (hopefully).

Problem is, not all my layers will have the same shaped features, so my thoughts were, write some code to take samples at various points within an area and take an average of that area? Too complex?

Is there anything in ARCGIS that can do this without writing code?

I figured when building up layers of data, it must be a common thing to want to do.

I also want to look at the altitude and slope, but thats perhaps one for another day ha ha.

Thanks in advance.