Rebuild Composite Geocode Locator?

Discussion created by smenefee on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by mvolz47
I have a composite geocode locator that I am using a geocode service in ArcGIS Server.  It is referencing two other geocoding locators (using roads and address points).  I've read in the ESRI Help that you cannot rebuild composite locators...which makes sense to me because the composite locator is simply referencing other locators.  Does this mean if I rebuild the two locators that the composite is looking at then I don't need to do anything to the composite?

I'm confused because in the Help it acts like not only do you need to rebuild the locators that the composite is referencing but you also need to create the composite locator again.  It seems to me that if the composite is already setup and is just looking at the underlying locators there should be no need to rebuild it.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks![HR][/HR]