Creating Seamless Raster Mosaic

Discussion created by cooperkn on Apr 2, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by dkwiens
I used the "Mosaic to New Raster" tool to create a mosaic of DEM's.

Now I want to make them seamless so I can do watershed analysis on them. I am using ArcGIS 10 and the code I was given to use in the Raster Calculator is not working.
I got the code from this video:

They appear to be using an older version and have a code for ArcGIS 10, but that is not working either.

These are the codes I was given:

Con(IsNull(â??myrasterâ?�),FocalStatistics(â??myrasterâ?�,NbrRectang¬le(2,2),â?�MEANâ?�),â?�myrasterâ?�) - this is for ArcGIS 10

[seemless] = con(isNull([mosaic]),focalmean([mosaic],rectangle,2,2),[mosaic]) - this is for the older version. [seemless] would be the name of the file I am generating and mosaic is the file I already created.

Do you have any suggestions on making this work? Much appreciated!!