Looking for a Tool that emulates the "get unique values" button in the query builder

Discussion created by scuttlebutt95 on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by erice-esristaff
I have built an automation tool wherein a user can input the name of a line feature (let's say a street) and get a shapefile containing records of point features (such as manholes) within a pre-defined distance of that street.  Then they can bring that shapefile into CAD for their use. 

Right now, I am using an inline variable with a string type to capture the users input of the street name, which works fine if they type it in EXACTLY the way the street name exists in the attribute table.  If they miss a space, or mis-spell anything the model will not execute successfully.  Some of the users are using the "Select by Attribute" Query Builder's "get unique values" option to pre-check the spelling, etc. prior to running the model. 

I would love to improve the model by finding a way for the user to Either "get unique values" and select the street name from the list OR enable them to start typing the name of the street and have the model "auto fill" the remainder of the street name from the existing values in the table (similiar to the Go to: box in the Query Builder).  Are there out of the box tools that will help me with this (or maybe a combination of one or two).  Maybe the "Create Attribute Index" tool? 

BTW - I am in 9.3