AGS Server 9.3.1 does not recognize Image Server, cannot publish ISDef file to server

Discussion created by awidener on May 3, 2010
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by fabiop
I have ArcGIS server version 9.3.1 sp1 and Image Server 9.3.1 sp1 installed on a Server 2008 platform. It is a single platform install. No other machine in our network is a SOC or a service provider. It is a 64 bit system with all the imagery residing on a 5Tb SAN attached to the server. When I try to publish a simple image service, I get this old friendly message:

Service was published but cannot be started due to: Server object instance creation failed on all SOC machines.
Server Object instance creation failed on machine <machine name>.

I have permissions to the directories on the SAN set so the SOC can read and the output directories as well. This has to be a configuration issue within image server, or something to do with the SAN. I was able to register Image Server with AGS server though. So at least I have that much. Has anyone experienced anything like this? One more thing, the service editor is my machine, it is the only component of the system on a seperate machine.