Tool in a model gives an error, which disappears after deleting this tool and adding

Discussion created by jlaroussi on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by Stroud1
I have a rather simple model triggered by a python script to run once a week.  It basically takes SQL  .dbo table,  exports it to a geodatabase table, makes the XY event layer, saves as a feature class, and reproject it. It is one out of many models, which I have been using to run weekly data updates since about a year. Every couple of weeks I am receiving some weird error like: ???ERROR 000278: Failed on input OID 1, could not write value ???my value??? to output field ???my field???. Failed to execute (Feature Class to Feature Class)???. I checked my data multiple times and never found anything wrong about it ???  data schema has not changed, field properties did not change, the values are all right, and there is no problem with processing data step after step manually. I tried to validate the entire model and run it tool after tool, but I received exactly the same error. I deleted Feature Class to Feature Class tool from my model and added it again from a toolbox, and ??? everything works fine. Did anyone experience similar problems? Any ideas what is going on?