InfoWindow - Custom and how can i anchor it to a point while i panning in map

Discussion created by SebastianD on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by gisfinder

in the samples InfoWindow Custom the InfoWindow is hidden while i panning in the map.
How can i set it still visible at the point geometry?

I tryed around to disable the code in InfoWindow.js:
//this._eventConnections.push(dojo.connect(map, "onPanStart", this, this.hide));

and set it to:
this._eventConnections.push(dojo.connect(map, "onPanStart", this,;

the InfoWindow is shown, but it lost the anchor to its location pt. In the second try, i set the position back when i start panning.

dojo.connect(map, "onPan", function () {, map.getInfoWindowAnchor(pt));

the code works, but it is not the optimal solution because, the infoWindow is not bind to the background and must jump back every time.
Is there a way to make the behavior of the custom InfoWindow like the other InfoWindow samples?

Any help on this will be appreciated!!