Issue with IE and popups

Discussion created by JSheldon on Mar 28, 2012
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Hi all,

I have a page where the popups are working ok in firefox and chrome and IE9, but not in IE8 or below.  

Here is the page:  http://gis.naperville.il.us/mashups/eab

You can use an address like 913 N Eagle St  or 400 S Eagle St to see how the site works.

Here is the process.  The user enters an address and it does a geocode, when it gets a result the following happens:

Parcel is selected using the x,y from the geocode
Geometry from the parcel is buffered by 30 feet
Buffered geometry is used to select trees in the right of way
Popup is displayed showing the attributes from the trees that we want to display

For some reason, I think the callbacks are causing the popup I want to get overwritten with on that just says "Searching..."

I'm not sure where the "Searching..." text in the popup is coming from.  I'm assuming it's something that the javascript api does by default since it's not in my code. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated since the site was supposed to go live a few days ago and I have angry users :)

Thanks in advance,

Jason Sheldon
GIS Coordinator
City of Naperville, IL