Confused about adding a tool to a form in an Add-in

Discussion created by evtguy on Mar 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by ldonahue
I have some experience already with add-ins, namely add-ins which are collections of very specific tools or buttons for use in Arcmap. For my current project, I'm developing an add-in which our staff can use to attribute and geotag JPEG photos taken while in the field. I have a windows form which has several text boxes for the user to input information. I have a UICommand in my add-in which displays the form and all that works great. What I want to add to do is add a button to that form which is used to click on the map, get x,y coordinates, and then populate them back into a textbox on the windows form.

This is where I'm stuck and it seems to me like this is a gap in the documentation.

How do I add a UITool to a windows form within my VB.NET project? Does the tool have to be already developed (or compiled) or can I have it in my current project?
I'd really like to keep it as a windows form instead of a dockable window since I'm using the form to display JPEGs in a sort of slideshow presentation. Funny thing is, I thought the EXIF updating would be the hardest part but I've now got that working. I just need this tiny bit!

As I eluded to, I'm using Visual Studio Express 2008 VB.NET as my development environment and version10 for ArcGIS.