Toggling layers with add/remove vs. visibility

Discussion created by slorentz1 on Mar 27, 2012
I'm looking for thoughts, ideas or experience with toggling layers on a map.

I work for an electric utility and we have an operations map that displays current events (outages as markers) and GPS positioning of our fleet (as markers) to service those events. Since our initial launch, we've added a bunch of other layers to help with decision making during widespread outages. These layers consist of both internal sources (our electric "grid") and external (weather, wildfires, twitter/twitpic for crowdsourcing). As you can guess I'm experiencing performance issues during initial map load, toggling layers and panning/zooming. Our current workaround is to toggle some of the layers off before panning and zooming.

Is it better to toggle layers as needed with an add/remove layer technique? Or should I load all the layers on open and toggle the visibility on and off?

I'm using javascript with various GraphicsLayers and DynaimicMapServiceLayers.