How are other Electric Utilities Using GIS

Discussion created by ModernGIS on Mar 26, 2012
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    I have spent the past (2) years using ESRI ArcMap to completely redo our electric infrastructure from AutoCAD to GIS. Basically it was a long process of manually going through AutoCAD drawings, notebooks, old hand-drawn
As-built drawings to manually digitize our infrastructure in ArcMap. Now that the system is completely in GIS (being used by our operations, CSR and field crews) for research and decision making - I want to be able to move to
the next step of using GIS. That next step is - How can I use GIS to run analysis on my current infrastructure. What I am wanting to see is what other companies have done with their GIS system to run analysis in order to help their company change/improve things. Any ideas I might be able to use that I could present to my management team would be awesome.