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Question asked by heniec on Mar 24, 2012
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I'm newbe in android development, and I've basic problems with getting ArcGIS Runtime SDK fo Android work.
My environment: Windows 7 x64, Java SDK 1.6, Eclipse 3.6.2 Helios,  Android SDK (API for 2.3.3) & ADT 1.7, latest ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android and Samsung Galaxy SII with Android 2.3.3.
Everything is installed and configured according to Esri and Android SDK instructions.

Problems are:
- I'm unable to create correct new arcgis android project: after finishing project wizard I get error about missing proquard.cfg file (with path to android sdk); project is created without referenced libraries and; from the other hand, I'm able to create ordinary android project and succesfully convert it to arcgis android project
- I'm unable to run any project created from ArcGIS Samples for Android. On my device I get message about unsuspected application stopping; as I find out, application crashes while trying to add new layer to map and error in logs is: UNABLE TO FIND CLASS REFERENCED IN SIGNATURE (lORG/CODEHAUS/JACKSON/JSONPARSER;) so I suspect I'm missing any library or have incorrect version.

Any suggestions, please

Marcin N.