Image print

Discussion created by Toton6868 on Mar 23, 2012

I am going to do a very simple but hectic job. I have more than 1000 scan copies of different maps. Now I want to print those scan copies only. I digitized those and have to print digital version also but that is not my look out at this time because of the data driven pages of layout. Giving a printing order for more than 1000 times is very hectic job. I have set up the print layout 24" by 36" and a scale of 1:300. Is there any shortcut option to print those large volume of scan image with the same scale and layout? If there is any option to export them as PDF at a single time that will be also accepted. Please help me hurry, I need this solution urgently. Otherwise I have to start this hectic job by pressing add and print button for 100 times.

Md. Azizul Alam