Public Information Map Template 2 --Opening post

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Public Information Map Template 2 --Opening post

Please reply to this opening post to submit questions and comments about the Public Information Map - 2.0.

The Public Information Map sample  is a configurable, public facing mapping application. The source code uses the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and the front end-styling uses jQuery libraries. Download the application code, make it your own by adding services, descriptions and graphics to the layers.config.

Changes from previous version


  • Pop-ups are now using the Popup Dijit and have been skinned to match the design.

  • Ability for legends to be automatically generated in the info dialog.

  • More layer and social configuration options can be shared in a URL via the share menu.

  • Nearly all options such as layers, services, info windows, rendering, basemaps and social media settings can be configured from a config file.

  • Support for clustering and heat-mapping of social media points.

  • Added a bookmark menu to save a places name, extent and visible layers.

  • Social media layers now automatically query new results on extent changes while keeping the previous data.

  • Dates are displayed in a more readable format.

  • Social Media distance and location can be configured from the settings dialog or the config.

  • Settings panel UI enhancements.

  • Updated the embedding workflow to preview the map.

  • Added an About dialog.

  • JavaScript code has been validated with JSLint.

  • Code is provided as source or minimized HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • Various UI Enhancements.