Rubberband Zoom In Tool offset in Chrome 17.0.963.79 - jQueryMobile Sample

Discussion created by apollolm on Mar 23, 2012
Hi - Looking at the mobile sample which uses jQueryMobile + JavaScript API v2.7compact

Hold down shift and click and drag your mouse to zoom in. 
For me, in Chrome 17.0.963.79, the rubber band gets funky.  Sometimes it seems as though the further down and to the right you start the rubberband, the more offset it is.
Once you zoom in, rubberbands behave even more erratically.

Not a problem in FF 11.

This is also happening on a site I'm developing.
I think the culprit is CSS - probably has to do with 100% height/width on some of the containers.

Also - I'm making sure to call map.resize() and map.reposition() on window resize, but that's not making a difference.

Any thoughts?