Geocoding a single address...

Discussion created by MidnightYell2003 Champion on Mar 22, 2012
I had code written a long time ago (probably borrowed from ArcGIS 8) in VBA where an input box pops up and the user enters an address.  This address is then geocoded, and a feature class is updated with that point and other info is thrown in there.

Is there any sample code for doing something like this in Python in ArcGIS 10?  I don't know Python very well and I can't figure out how to have any user input in the form of a box and then have python geocode this single address based on a geocoder that's already in the mxd.  It seems that any Python geocoding code that I've seen wants to geocode a table only, not a single inputted address.

Thanks in advance and I may post this on the ArcObjects board to see about ideas from there (need to migrate my old, broken VBA code!)