Question about creating a variable from an expression parameter in Model Builder

Discussion created by scuttlebutt95 on Mar 22, 2012
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I am trying to create a simple model to automate a repetitive task for exporting some points as a shapefile.   Essentially, the idea is to select several route segments based on an attribute containing the name of the route using the Select Layer by Attribute tool, then to select points within a certain distance of the previously selected routes and export them as a shapefile.  I have it working when I plug in some example data, but I am finding it harder than I expected to prompt the user to input the name of the route to start the initial selection.  The query I am using is:

Line_Name = 'Route Name'

I am hoping to set it up so that the users only have to enter 'Route Name' without having to choose the Line_Name field first. 

Can this be done in Model Builder?  Would Python be a better choice?