fit map beteen graticule

Discussion created by Klipvis on Mar 22, 2012
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I am making a series of maps that are tiled with latitudes and longitudes as boundaries. Eg Map 1 is between 19deg E and 18 deg E and 34deg S and 33deg S, Map 2 will be directly to the north at 33deg S to 32Deg S. There must be no overlap between maps, so the map information must stop at the lat or Lon boundary.

In the layout view I want the layout border to be the lat or long bounding co-ordinates, and it must display the label.

I have tried dragging the layout frame to match the co-ordinates, but this generally cause the labels to disappear, or there is a gap between the the graticule and the layout border.

I have also made a shape file with the area I want to display on the map and then clipped the layout to that shape. But this also tends to lose the labels.

Is there any way to force the layout boundary to fit the graticule


PS I also need the map at a specified scale.