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Discussion created by baskoro2012 on Mar 20, 2012
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Hi friends, needs ur help, urgent ... (sorry if my english bad)

i have made my first map with web map id = b47fee0a3a5d48b384e887852510b864   ,  now i want to add parameter in my url that contains information from one of my layers attributes, it has FID field that i want to add it in my url , example http://localhost/map/road.html?fid=2345 then i want to center and zoom to that layer that contain the information , can anyone help me for this case ?? 

i've read in Javascript API Reference that there is a method called centerAndZoom(mapPoint, levelOrFactor)  ,  but i dont know the exactly way how to use it in my code , since i only found the example is using maps created from  ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer  not from  web map id    like i did ...

please someone help me ???