Proxy page samples are all different

Discussion created by mcin8130 on Mar 20, 2012
Hi Everyone,
More of a FYI and update request...

I've noticed that all 3 web APIs have a Proxy page download (for .NET). Unfortunately these are all different, although instructions are the same. My hope is that this will be fixed (based on this request), and this post will help others setup their proxy page.

Code FYI:
The Silverlight code is more complete than both Flex and JS. This is also the only one that works with the extra parameters (user/password for a dynamic token). This one works in simple to complex scenarios. FYI - use this one if you need the user/password.

The Flex and JS versions are very similar. Both Flex and JS config files have examples in the configuration to handle "dynamicToken" requests - but there is no code in the ashx to handle this.  Only one minor difference b/w the two ashx files: 
. This can still be used for basic proxy requests - although I hope they can all be updated into one proxy example moving forward.

That said, I appreciate the samples in the first place! Keep 'em coming!