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Why can't I copy data to a drive's root?

Question asked by rkelso on Mar 20, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by rkelso
If I try to use geoprocessing, either with a script, toolbox, or whatever, to copy a shapefile to a drive's root, it doesn't work.  For example, copy input - C:\workspace\shapefile.shp, copy output - C:\shapefile_copy.shp.  The process says it is successful but it doesn't actually create the files.  Why doesn't this work?  Whether or not people should be putting data in a drive's root is not relevant.

For an example, my office network creates a network drive (U:) mapped to a personal folder for everybody in the office.  I can't use geoprocessing to copy a shapefile directly into U:\.  Not that I do this, I would rather put data into a folder within a drive, but this should still be possible.  I don't think it is any kind of permissions issue as I have full control to these drives, I can create, copy and delete things from these root "directories" using the windows file system.

The reason this is even a problem that came up is because if I create a model, add-in, or whatever that allows the user to choose a folder for output and for whatever reason they choose a drive's root then it won't work or might even throw an error.  Has anyone run into this before?