Extract Multi Value Problem - is there a limit to the number of points?

Discussion created by kerryn on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by curtvprice

Im trying to extract from 7 rasters values to my point files.  My point files are HUGE we are talking >3,000,000 points across my landscape that I want to attribute with elevation, slope, etc. values.  I am using Arc10 I have NOT installed any service packs yet.  I am trying to download sp4. 

I have read that there were problems with extract multi values that were to be addressed in the service pack updates, but have no idea what was "addressed".  I vaguely remember running into this problem with Arc 9.3 and being told that there is a maximum limit of 10,000 points that can be processed at a time (or something like that number).  Is this true? Is there a way around this?  Ive been told to increase the processing speed that to use SAMPLE or/and to use File geodatabase files instead of shape files.  Will SAMPLE have a limit to the number of locations to process?  Will File Geodatabase have the same limitations?  I do not know if my problem which is basically I can't get extract values to work on my larger files when it works on my smaller flies.