Creating radial polygons using a x,y center point

Discussion created by calebben on Mar 14, 2012
I work in agricultural gis mapping and I need to create 2 or 6 degree sectors from a sprinkler pivot point.  I have already made a shapefile template with 60 sectors but either need help learning how to create this type of polygon shapefile from scratch using a defined x,y coordinate, or need to know how to move my shapefile
template based to a predefined x,y coordinate.  Can someone please help me understand and learn what processes i may need to use?

I did find this article that may be an answer, but I am unsure how to copy and paste the code into my field calculator.  The article does not provide a download link to the .cal file that would be needed and the author seems to be somewhat unclear which parts of the code do and do not need to be included.

Please help if you can.