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GraphicsLayer not updating in Internet Explorer

Question asked by burgins on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by burgins
I'm experiencing a new problem with a ArcGIS for Flex application and hope that someone here can help. My application uses the latest ArcGIS for Flex version and the testing uses browsers that have Flash Player 11.1 installed.

I have a number of FeatureLayers and GraphicsLayers that are created dynamically using ActionScript. Graphics are initially created and added dynamically to my GraphicsLayers and can be seen, as expected, by the user. That seems to work fine. However, a short time later, I'm redrawing the content by calling the "clear()" method on the GraphicsLayers and adding the replacement Graphics in the same way as before. Our aim is to provide graphics that change over time. This is working fine when Google Chrome is used as the browser; unfortunately, though, it seems that if the user is running Internet Explorer then they don't see anything change and remain looking at the "old" set of Graphics. Instead, using this browser, the display will update if the user pans or zooms the map, but not if they simply leave it alone. Can anyone suggest what the problem is when using IE and how it may be fixed, please?

An even more perplexing detail of the problem, is that I manually change the URL of my FeatureLayers in response to some user actions and find that doing this causes the GraphicsLayers to switch between showing different "old" sets of Graphics, even though there's no intentional link between the layers. I have no idea what mechanism is causing this to happen!

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions!