Overlay features problems

Discussion created by vilkas_auuu on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by bsieg-esristaff
hello, i tried to overlap few layers, but encountered some problems with some attributes, particularly area...
i have a set of layers (bioregions, geographical regions, protected area types, geology and some more few). i need to overlap all of them in order to have all the attributes in one table. however, after i do that, i get some duplicates or quadruplication of some of the polygons and i loose the possibility to calculate area of certain features in interest. i was wondering is there any tool that would split the area field automatically when polygons are overladen? or is there something that i miss doing and that's why i get these results. i was using "union" tool and then i tried "intersecion" since all of my layers are cliped.

thank's in advance.