Disable Paste dialog when doing Copy/Paste in code Arc10

Discussion created by cpicciri on Mar 13, 2012
Hi everyone,

I am in the process of converting our custom toolbar, commands, etc. from Arc 9.3 to Arc 10. Because our IT department wants everything done by the end of this month and I have over 100 commands to convert, I am looking for the fastest way that requires the least amount of code changes.

So far I've had good look in coverting the code but have run into a snag with the new editing environment. I have used the option to revert back to the Arc 9 editing environment to make things easier, less code changes and lower learning  curve for our people. Some of our commands copy polygons from one layer to another layer using the built in Copy/Paste commands. Problem is, now you get a "Paste Dialog" asking you to select a layer to send the features to. So far, I have not found any way to disable this dialog or set the layer for it in code. Does anyone have an idea if this can be done? I have not seen this problem posted in either the new or old forums.

I don't understand why ESRI would give you the ability to revert back to the old editing environment so people "can do the transition (new editing) at their own pace" as stated in their help documents and then change it on you so that existing code does not work.