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[ArcEngine] [DotNet] How to load .hgt files into a dataset and then elevation layer

Question asked by Adjutant on Mar 13, 2012
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Despite some significant time spent searching documentation and reading the ArcGIS online help and forums I still can't find a solution for this.
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The objective is to create a dataset from a folder containing .HGT files (SRTM data) programatically, and then to create an elevation layer from the dataset .
Is this possible for ArcEngine?

The closest documentation example I have found only refers to .gdb data file under the topic "How to open a terrain dataset" :
IWorkspaceFactory WSFact = new FileGDBWorkspaceFactoryClass(); IFeatureWorkspace FWS; FWS = WSFact.OpenFromFile("C:\\project\\terrain.gdb", 0)as IFeatureWorkspace;

I have tried working with IRasterDataset in a similar manner to opening raster maps but this is obviously not the correct interface to read elevation data?

What namespace must be used to read .hgt files from a file folder (with the intention of creating an elevation layer later)?

UPDATE [1] : Having a look at the Visual Studio DotNet "Map Control Application" Template, the add data dialog provides for 5 different types of data
1) Shape files
2) GeoDatabases
3) Rasters
4) Servers
5) Layers
but these options do not include support for SRTM data - is there a sample / template available which describes how SRTM data can be imported?