Help obtaining volume estimates

Discussion created by kittyoka143 on Mar 12, 2012

HELP.....I???m trying to obtain dredging volumes based off of sounding points and toe depths. The sounding points indicate the depth our harbor channels are currently at and the toe lines indicate what depth they should be at. My task is to see how much sediment needs to be removed and make visual renderings of it. I???m not sure what the best approach is???cut/fill, surface volume, TIN difference???.

One of the challenges is the depths associated with the toe lines are in annotation form. So far I???ve created a TIN off the sounding points, but I don???t know what my next move should be. Do I need to somehow get z values assigned to the toe lines? I am pretty new at this, so any advice would be much appreciated. I am using arc 9.3.1. and have access to 3d analyst and arc scene.

Thanks in advance!