editing related records in a 1:M (one to many) relationship

Discussion created by SRoberts on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by SRoberts
  I've seen the sample for Editing Related Records, but this sample just lets you change one value in the related table of a one to one relationship.  I would like to a user to be able to click on an existing point feature, be able to change attributes for that point feature, as well as have access to one or more related records.  The related features could be displayed in the attribute inspector, or in a side panel as a list.  In any case a user would need to be able to click on one of the existing related records to edit it, delete a related record, and add a new related record.  Both the feature class and related table are in SDE with an established relationship class, and are part of the mapservice I am referencing.
  Has anyone done something similar or have any ideas on how to get started?
Sebastian Roberts