reduce fishnet resolution

Discussion created by rprieto on Mar 12, 2012
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I am working with data from animal surveys. We ran a model to obtain sightings per km of survey within a grid (fishnet) with 2 miles side. In the resulting grid table we have the values of effort (km of survey) and sightings , which enable the calculation of sighting rate. We have, meanwhile, realized that the resolution is too fine for a report we are producing. Instead of running the models again (which demands a long processing time), we were wondering if it would be possible just to use an aggregation function or another fishnet to add the values from the grid table into a coarser resolution (10 miles).
We tryed the aggregation tool in spatial analyst (in ArcMap 9.3) but it returned a general error (9998), perhaps because the fishnet is not a raster(?). Any help would be appreciated.

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