MapTips Does Not Work on GPI Prediction Layer

Discussion created by tmuench on Mar 12, 2012
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As opposed to many of the other queries in this forum, I am trying to carry out the task below directly in ArcMap and not embedded in any program code.

The Help system (Extentions/Geostatistical Analyst/Visualizing and Managing Geostatistical Layers/Predicting Values for Specific Lacations) says that MapTips works for Geostatistical Layers and would give the predicted value at any arbitrary location on the map using the GPI generated polynomial.  There is even a box to check in its Properties/Display dialogue window. However, MapTips doesn't work.

There is a mention on the MapTips help page that MapTips might not work if there is no spatial index. Therefore, I have tried to figure out how to get ArcMap to produce a spatial index for the geostatistical layer. All the instructions I could find required the layer to be in a database of some sort. I do not use databases because it would entail major overhead and probably too complicated to arrange for all my students to learn and access it. I simply use files, although not a "file database".

Is the lack of a "spatial index" likely to be my problem?  If so, is there a way to set it up without the overhead of creating and managing a "database"?

Maptips does work for "regular" layers (for points, lines, and polygons). It just doesn't work for the GPI created Geostatistical Layer which is not any of those three "regular" type layers.