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Aptana Studio version - debug problems

Question asked by schlot on Mar 7, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by schlot
Based on the Getting Started section > Setting up a Developer Environment, I've download and installed Aptana Studio 2.0.  It seems to want Firefox as it's browser, so I downloaded and started that too.

I can run my code from Studio, but I can't get it to debug.  I suspect it's a compatibility problem between the version of Aptana, firefox, the version of Aptana debugger and firebug (I think ...)  It tries, opening a browser that says' Aptana Firefox extension launching ... please wait.'  But this eventually times out with an error 'Launching 'myconfig' has encountered a problem .

I had Firefox version 10 loaded and thought maybe that was my problem and loaded an older version (7.0).  I have Aptana Debugger 1.7.2 installed.  It says it requires firebug 1.2-1.8 to work.  My Firebug is 1.9.1.   Is there not a matrix somewhere that spells out in more detail what versions of these add-ons are compatible with each other?  If I update my Aptana Studio to version 3, it seems like none of the code assist works for the API, so I was trying to avoid that.