Calculating Fields through Joins in Model Buillder

Discussion created by teklitag on Mar 7, 2012
I am running into problems calculating a field through a join in model builder.  For example -
[Catchment.AREASQKM] *896993 * ( 1 - .2 * [SchemaNode.S]) ^2 /( 1 + .8 * [SchemaNode.S] )
You can see that I have the table 'Catchment' joined to my 'SchemaNode' table.  When I run this in the calculate field dialogue, it has no problems; however when I put the same inputs into a model, it gives me

Executing (Calculate Field (3)): CalculateField SchemaNode SchemaNode.IncRR "[Catchment.AREASQKM] *896993 * ( 1 - .2 * [SchemaNode.S]) ^2 /( 1 + .8 * [SchemaNode.S] )" VB #
Start Time: Wed Mar 07 16:07:20 2012
WARNING 000405: No records within table
Succeeded at Wed Mar 07 16:07:20 2012 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

and makes no changes.  I had seen that 9.x made it difficult to calculate a field through a join, but is there a way in 10?


I am not joining the the table within the model, just attempting a calculation.

I have found a solution (for now? - still strange).  Turning the edit on and off seems to free something in the air and it goes (though restarting ArcMap does not do the some thing...).  Well, fixed for now.