Optimal location determination based on distance over existing road network

Discussion created by thomazz on Mar 7, 2012
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I am currently facing a biomass storage location optimization problem. The aim is to determine the optimal location of a biomass storage site, for which total transport distance to be traveled over the existing road network is minimized.

To be more specific:

I currently have 2 different layers:

- First: a point layer which can be consists of more than 1000 departure location for biomass transport. From each departure location, the biomass is transported to the storage site of which the location is to be determined.
- Second: a layer which shows the existing road network in the study area

The aim is now to determine the location in the study area for which the total distance from all the departure points over the existing road network is minimized. This location is then considered as the optimal biomass storage site.

Another assumption is that the biomass storage site is located next to/on a road and not in the middle of example an agricultural parcel.

Could somebody please help me with this problem? I hope my explanation is clear...

Many thanks in advance !