Creating a buffer radius search for a geoprocess

Discussion created by ali7789v4 on Mar 6, 2012
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I've created buffer searches with vectors etc before, following the ESRI example here:

However, what I now want to do, is something similar (i.e. click with a distance, draw a graphic on map) but then have a geoprocess to the work (I'm using a raster layer underneath so no vectors).

So I think I need to create a geoprocess with two inputs, the click-point and the distance, however I have absolutely no idea how to create this. There are no examples online that I can find that do this! There is one that feeds the result of a query into a GP, but that's very different to what I am looking to achieve.

The problem for me is that the buffer radius search example above is so closely linked to the QueryTask, but I dont think what I want to do would use the QueryTask.

Feeding the point and distance to a gp is probably fairly straightforward, but how can I draw a graphic on screen based on the click point and distance (from a text box)???

Really not sure how to acheive this so grateful for your thoughts and any help you can give!