ListMapServices and ExportToPDF - how to pull in external layers

Discussion created by KG22 on Mar 2, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2012 by achapkowski-esristaff
I am trying to use python and arcpy.mapping to export a map to pdf. I want the map to have some layers from my mxd and i also want to pass in a url to an external layer (like, say, esri streets) from a different server.
I can turn layers on and off in my own mxd and zoom to an aoi and all that jazz and then export to pdf and it works.
But how can i integrate a layer from an external source like another arcgis server?

I see the ListMapService method but i have never been successful in getting it to run. I always get a connection error. Why are there 2 required parameters to this method - url and server? Seems to me that if you have the url to a rest services directory then you have everything you need to list out the services available - that's all my browser needs.

I also see that i can add any .lyr file to my mxd before i export it. But I want to add layers that i don't own and that are not on my server.
Can this be done at 10.0?