Get Value after Field Calculation in selection.

Discussion created by jgiesler on Mar 1, 2012
Here is an interesting problem.  We have a tool that takes a specific features and creates a buffer around it.  Simple works great in 9.3.1.  We are currently migrating to 10 and I found that if I change the buffer distance using the field calculator (not editing ) on the selected feature then try to run our custom buffer tool on that selected feature it reads the previous buffer distance prior to the field calculator change.  If I run the tool on all the features it runs correctly.  Has anyone seen this before?  Does the attribute table and field calculator store values differently in 10?  I am using Iselectionset.search to try to get the value.  The program is written in C#.  Again this works just fine in 9.3.1.  Any help or ideas would be fantastic as I have no idea what is going.