Server newbie:  non-existent(?) JS/HTML viewer vs viewer vs other?

Discussion created by SanJoaquinCountyGIS on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by mmoyles
Looking for hints as to the best "kick-start" viewer/sample for JS API development.  (we'll NOT be doing flex/silverlight, thx)

We have extensive experience with our own custom viewers for ArcIMS but are just now moving towards ArcGIS Server, and all the redevelopment effort that entails, and are somewhat confused by the possible "starting points" for such development.

It appears there is no de facto JS-API viewer.  There are samples, yes, though none appear very functional as is, not much beyond: "here's a map, look at it, do a slippy scroll, woohoo!" or a very simple single function identify -type sample.

The viewer *appears* to be the one ESRI is pushing, but initial investigations seem to indicate that you're required to first register your service through, then add THAT service to the app.  So, no support for directly accessing local internal services?  (or if so, how?)  Is it then unsuitable as a base for inTRAnet projects?

Or is there some OTHER "base" viewer that we've not noticed entirely?

Thx for any advice.