Repointed MXD asks user to enter old 'Spatial Database Connection' info on 1st launch

Discussion created by mvisekru on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by mvolz47
I have a python script that re-points SDE feature classes in an MXD from one SDE server to another one and saves a new copy of the MXD.

Everything works great, however when opening the newly saved MXD that's pointed to the new server for the first time the user is promped to enter their username and password in 'Spatial Database Connection' for the OLD server + the NEW server.

If the user hits cancel on the 'Spatial Database Connection' popup for the old server and only enters their credentials for the new one server, saves the MXD, the next time it's opened, it will not prompt the user with the 'Spatial Database Connection' with the OLD server, only the NEW one.

Again, this only happens the first time the MXD is opened, once it's been opened and saved it's no longer an issue. Just wondering if there's a away to get rid of this annoyance any way?