How does REST Works

Discussion created by jvseagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Apr 29, 2010
Dear ArcGIS REST API Team,

Is there any document or paper explaining how does the REST API works behind the "scenes"?
I have these kind of doubts:

1 - After calling the REST endpoint in server-side an handler in IIS is triggered and the SOAP webservices or AMF services are called? So REST is just an address?
2 - If REST needs an additional functionality not supported by the SOAP webservices (or AMF), how does ESRI extends/implements these functionality? Does ESRI uses REST SOE extension to extend these functionalities and creates a new soap webservice which inside executes a routine created using ArcObjects?
3 - Does SOAP Webservices calls directly ArcObjects or it uses ArcObjects as COM Utilities;
4- How does the caching process in REST works;

I hope I have explained my kind of doubts here. I really need a document explaining the arquitecture of REST and how it really works after being called.

Hope REST Team can help me on this.

Thanks a lot,

José Sousa
ESRI Portugal