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Discussion created by flsgeoconnect on Feb 28, 2012
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First of all thank you for reading my post and for the record I am a novice user. I have 10.0 desktop with network analyst. I will use an analogy for my issue. Let???s say I have a list of 5,000 addresses that are reasonably close to each other. I have multiple volunteers who want to knock on the doors and ask one question and record the response they can walk or drive and park to each door the method isn???t the focus.  I want to give each volunteer a route of no more than 75 houses that will circle them back to their car or starting location. I know I can solve this using the vehicle problem route feature and this works well enough but it???s extremely manual and I always have to manually pick the depot location.   I don???t want the same depot location for the  5,000 addresses because if I have a route in the north east area it doesn???t make since for the person to start from the south west are if that???s where the first route or depot was determined. I would like each route to have its own start and stop depot.  The volunteers aren???t picking up anything at the depot in fact they would use some sort of iphone app to record a response. The issue is if I have to do this same thing for a degree of locations Dallas, Seattle, Miami etc???.  is there a way where I can let the program determine the start and stop depot and route out 75 houses until the whole 5,000 address list is exhausted? Thank you.