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Discussion created by engr1 on Feb 27, 2012
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        I am a student trying to do a Vehicle Routing Problem for Municipal Solid Waste Collection using ArcGIS Network Analyst. This is for my term project. I have went
through the Network Analyst tutorial and the on-line VRP training offered by ESRI. However, I am getting stuck on the step involving creating Network Dataset. Also, I went through the forum trying to see if there are any related topics and go from there. I tried to create one on my own but it did not work. My questions are:

-Is there a ready Network Dataset for any of Canadian cities?
-My second option is to do it for any US city with the available Network Dataset, if there are any available?
-Is there a source for Street/Roads Network Datasets that you could suggest?

    I hope my questions were not confusing (I am just a student). I would greatly appreciate any tips/help. Thank you very much.