FeatureLayer mouseover/mouseout problem with rubber band zoom

Discussion created by wildernesswebmaster99 on Feb 27, 2012
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I have a map prototype in which I've added an "invisible" feature layer on top of my map which will "appear" when a user mousesover a wilderness area and is zoomed in. This produces a nice mouseover/out effect in which the polygon in question highlights in red and the wilderness name appears in a box overlayed in the top right corner of the map. None of this will occur unless you are zoomed in to at least LOD: 5 (see info below map to know when you're at this level or greater). If you zoom in use the vertical zoom bar, things work fine; however, if you zoom in using the zoom button at the top (rubber band zoom box) the polygons will highlight, but they won't obey the mouseout. So they're being added to the map, but not removed. I think this may have something to do with the zoom button since, without the nav controls, the mouseover/mouseout feature layer functionality works flawlessly. Not sure what the problem is here. Has anybody else had trouble with the nav buttons interferring with other stuff? Any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks in advance for any assistance.