Maplex ignoring Symbol Level Draw Order?

Discussion created by Helmut44 on Feb 27, 2012
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Maybe someone can help me with this problem:

I have a map with lots of overlying Polygon Labels of different importance. I've sorted these into 5 Layers/Classes to prevent important ones from being moved or overlapped by others.

Layer 1: 1 Label, River Placement, Big Font Size
Layer 2: 30 Labels, River Placement, Big Font Size
Layer 3: 90 Labels, Standard Curved Placement, Medium Font Size
Layer 4: 5000 Labels, Standard Curved Placement, Medium to Small Font Size
Layer 5: 25000 Labels, Standard Curved Placement, Small Font Size

To prevent Labels from higher importance Layers to be moved during labeling process, I set up symbol levels and Label Priority Ranking: Layer 1 drawn first, then Layer 2 etc..
It works just great, except for the most important Labels from Layer 1+2: if I just enable these Layers, the Label is placed fine along the polygon direction as a "River Placement", if I enable the other layers below, the top-labels get moved. Is Maplex ignoring Symbol Levels - or how does the label order work (i.e. First Top Labels Placed, then lower Labels Placed, then Top Labels adjusted?)
I try to find a way to freeze the top labels after they are placed..