How can I extract all cells from a fishnet into their own cells?

Discussion created by tayler.hamilton on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2012 by tayler.hamilton
I want to run the band collection statistics tool between 2 different rasters to determine their correlation. I can run this on the entire region and get 1 value, but I would like to create several smaller areas within the region to get several r values for the entire region.

So far I have created a fishnet over the region, with cells that are 1000m x 1000m. I want to determine what the correlation between 2 rasters is within each cell of my fishnet, thus resulting in several r values over the entire region.

I don't know how to run the band collection statistics tool within each of cell of my fishnet layer, so I thought I would extract each cell as a new layer...my only problem is that I have ~4000 cells, so this would be very time consuming.

I have tried to create a model in model builder to select each cell and then extract the selection. I used the "iterate feature selection" iterator to select each different cell, but then I don't know what tool I should use to extract/export each cell selection as a new layer. I know how to export selected data (by right clicking on the layer I want to export from), but I don't know how to get this tool into my model.

I ultimately would like to run band collection statistics on each cell (between 2 rasters) and apply the r value to the cell, allowing me to display areas of high and low correlation with a stretched colour scheme.

If anyone has any ideas on how I can run this a little more efficiently, please let me know.