Is Python the appropriate tool for the following task?

Discussion created by penetanggis on Feb 23, 2012
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I haven't done any scripting in ArcGIS since using ArcObjects for VBA in 9.3, so before I get started with the following, I would love to hear which language people would recommend doing this in. Can Python accomplish the following:

- our water inspectors give me curb stop locations in the following format: " from the NE corner of the house, the stop is 2.5 meters out from the house and 1.1 meters East of the NE corner"
- Their cardinal directions are only approximations, so unfortunately i cannot add 2.5 and 1.1 to the northing and easting of the NE corner of the house.

the tool would do the following
1. calculate the angle of the front of the house through two mouse clicks on front house corners
2. accept the offset inputs (2.5 m from the front, 1.1 m E)
3. add a new point feature at the calculated location (calculated using trig)

Any insight would be appreciated.