Moran's i vs Incremental Spatial Autocorrelation

Discussion created by lts202 on Feb 22, 2012
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I am running the hot spot analysis to identify clusters of high and low areas of respiratory diseases. I have watched several esri videos about the topic and in an earlier video it talks about running moran's i autocorrelation to select a suitable distance band, in a more recent video I have watched it talks about calculate distance band and incremental spatial autocorrelation (ISA). I realise they both produce Moran's i z scores but I have run both and get different results so I am not sure which one is better to use. The results from ISA seem to be suggesting higher distance bands (peaking at higher distance values) which means by data is showing large hot spots (more like trends), where as the running Moran's i I see peaks in lower values which produces smaller hot spots.

Would it be acceptable to use the calculate distance band and just use the maximum value in Moran's i as this produces a peak in the z score at a smaller distance. For example, the maximum distance is 2.09736dd, and the average is 0.368413dd. Results in ISA peak at 5.04dd and Moran's peaks at the 2.09dd value. Also, the conceptualisation of spatial relationships is to be the same as I am using in the hot spot analysis, yes?

Thank you.