How to define that Element is selected?

Discussion created by aviabunin on Feb 21, 2012
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Hi, gurus!
arcgis engine 2010 in .NET
I have some circleElements on Map. And one of them is selected. How I can to define - what element is selected?
I use code:
public void CountGraphicElements(IMap map)
            IGraphicsContainer graphicsContainer = map as IGraphicsContainer;

            //Reset the container to start from the beginning.
            Int32 int32_Counter = 0;
            IElement element = graphicsContainer.Next();

            //Loop through the container until the end, denoted by a null value.
            while (element != null)
                //Test the element to see if it's a certain type. This can be ITextElement, IPolygonElement, etc.
                if (element is ICircleElement)
                    //If a match is found, increment the counter.
                    if (element.SelectionTracker.ShowHandles == true)
                        string s = element.SelectionTracker.ShowHandles.ToString();
                        string s1 = element.SelectionTracker.Locked.ToString();
                        int32_Counter = int32_Counter + 1;
                        MessageBox.Show("?????? X = " + element.Geometry.Envelope.XMin.ToString()+
                            " s = "+s+ " locked = "+ s1);

                //Step to the next element in the container.
                element = graphicsContainer.Next();

            //Display the results of the count.
            MessageBox.Show("The pagelayout contains " + int32_Counter +
                " CircleElement(s)");

Thanks in advance!