Suitable Analysis in Model Builder: how to add weights

Discussion created by hadrien on Feb 21, 2012

I am creating a model, very simple for the purpose of suitable analysis, but I am having trouble on how to add weights. My model works in the sense that it combines all layers
successfully (unions, buffers, clips, select...all work fine) but when I have my SA layer, I need to have a SA weight table so that I can change the symbology and thus display the map
as SA. I don't think the steps are too complicated but I am a bit at a loss...I experimented using the "add field" and "calculate field" functions but it didn't work as intended.
I tried to convert my vectors to raster to do a raster overlay analysis but I think I am over-complicating everything and I am adding processing pressure onto my model.
What am I missing; does it have something to do with ArcCatalog?
I am saving my model in a geodatabase btw.

So, how do I add weights (constraint and opportunities) to create a SA weight table that I can display by simply changing the final layer's symbology (which is something I would do
outside of the model)?